Need to know more?

Looking to find out about Christianity?

Why not come along join us on Sunday at Church?

Or we have a course that really will help that is called Christianity Explored.

Looking to find a new Church?

If the time has come for a change, we’d love you to come along to meet us and see if we might be able to help you serve with us here.

Looking to serve at this Church in Christian Ministry?

Maybe you have an idea or a skill and want to serve the Lord with it at St Peters, then we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you are a Student studying to become a full time Christian worker and would like to have an opportunity to apply what you are learning with some training and support for some of the skills they don’t teach at college – then we can help out. Get in touch. 

Looking to get Married?

Lot’s of people are fans of weddings, after all it is exciting day, and we can definitely help you with that. But more than being fans of weddings, we are fans of marriages.

So check out our page about weddings and get in contact.

Looking to Shoot a Film Scene or Professional Photography?

We often have inquiries about whether the church or graveyard is available ‘for hire’ for a film or a professional photography shoot. In general, we are happy to have people hire our historic site for these purposes, but it is on a case by case basis, depending upon available time slots and of course subject matter. If you want to shoot in the graveyard the short answer would be ‘probably’, and if you want to shoot in the church the short answer is ‘possibly’. Get in Contact to have chat about your ideas.

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